Days and nights full of Tango & Vacation

Tango lovers will meet on Samos island to live their passion for Argentinean tango in workshops, performances and magical musical experiences during 5 days full of activities.


Varied programme of workshops and milongas.


World class maestros will enter with us into the world of tango with workshops and shows.


Some of the most beautiful locations of the island will host our event.


The beautiful island of the famous mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophysicist Aristarchos with its traditional settlements, the picturesque narrow streets, the beautiful paths is ideal for an unforgettable holiday. Flooded with green, with vast vineyards, lush vegetation and spectacular sunsets, is the ideal Island for summer excursions.
Samos is the eighth largest island of Greece with an area of 474 sq. km.
This is an extremely prosperous island. Ideal for those who are in favor of natural life and beauty, the trails and beautiful locations are available for hiking and mountaineering. This ecological, historical island will satisfy even the most discerning guest.
The island is famous for its beaches with clear blue waters and golden sand as well as for the Samian wine.

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Our Maestros

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou

Gabriel Marino & Vassia Thanopoulou

Gabriel Marino & Vassia Thanopoulou

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