Georgia Priskou & Loukas Balokas

Loukas & Georgia went to their first tango class in 2000. Since then their life is bound to this dance. They have been constantly working with some of the most important tango teachers. Staying in Buenos Aires for a long time played a leading role in their dancing culture and evolution. After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography, they have developed their personal style. The characteristics of their dance are the musicality, speed, alterations in the dynamic of the movement and the intense dramatic elements. They love toying with the classical as well as the modern form, mixing them. Their teaching is based on the understanding of the basic dancing elements, trying to provide their students the necessary tools to create their own dance through an entertaining method. They are considered to be one of the couples mainly responsible for the distribution and establishment of the tango scene around Greece. For many years they have been teaching in the major Greek cities, still maintaining their regular student basis in their Dance Studio, in Athens – tangoFIX

Recently they became members of the company ”Tango Secrets International”.

Tangocamp (Italy, Germany, Greece), Tangomagia (Netherlands), Tango to Istanbul (Turkey), Lesvos Tango Meeting (Greece), F.I.T.A. (France), Tango Emotion (Italy), Ankara Tango Festival (Turkey), Tango Cazino (Romania), Meditango (Italy), Tango mon amour (France) ,Nilufer Τango Festival (Turkey), Octoberpest Tango Festival (Hungary), Frostbite (Finland), ArteTango Festival (France), Athens Tango Festival (Greece), Kalamata Tango Festival (Greece), Practica X (Turkey), Cretango Festinal (Greece), Black Sea Tango Marathon (Bulgaria), A los amigos (Greece), TangoLovers Festival (Greece), Tangogreece Festival (Greece), Tango Festivalito Budapest (Hungary), Academia Tango Meeting (Turkey), Beirut International Tango Festival (Lebanon) e.t.c

Ilgin Tetikcan & Ahmet Gezen

Ilgın started her dance carieer when she was is 6 years old with Classical dance. And later she trained latin dances, modern dance, jazz dance, fitness, martial arts till she found Tango in 2003. She immediately stopped everything and dedicate her life to Tango. She is one of the woman tango dancer who has her own school (İstanbul) and is teaching alone. She trained world wide dancers and performers. She teaches all over the world. Rome, Beirut, Berlin, India, Bucharest, Greece, Paris and more. 

Ahmet started his dance career when he was 14 and he started with Tango. He immediately started to teach in universities. In his 20th age he organized Tango festival. He won Tango competition in Turkey 4 times. Now he has one of the best Tango schools of Turkey. 

Ilgın and Ahmet have been partners sine 2016. They live in different cities and they give seminars together. In their dance they prioritize comunication between partners and dynamics’s in embrace. And also with aesthetics. While music forms the basis of their dances, they like to combine the artistic part of Tango with the social part by dancing; sometimes softly sometimes hard, small or big, according to the music.

They studied many techniques and created their own styles. As the years pass, they improve themselves and think about how to dance and teach more easily.