Our Tango DJs will select for you the best tranditional Tango Music and compose Tandas and Cortinas.

Georgia Priskou

Georgia has been playing music for at least 17 years in numerous milongas, festivals and marathons in Greece and abroad. She loves to watch the dancefloor full and to create smiles on the faces both to people dancing and to those who are sitting. Sometimes, she likes to cook things up and blend different orchestras and eras, adding some spice to the taste! Her main focus is to set a distinct beginning, middle and ending part during the night, in order to form a short tale… As for the rest, you’ ll find out when in action…
Eva La Griega

Eva La Griega is a tango enthusiast, DJ, dancer and event organizer. She dances tango for 13 years. She is a DJ in local Milongas in Germany.

Her playlists follow the evolution of tango and include golden age but also modern orchesters who play traditional tangos. Her favourite Orchestras are Carlos di Sarli, Miguel Calo, Romantica Milonguera, Sexteto Milonguero and many others.

Stamatis Katharopoulos

Stamatis started teaching and organizing my first milongas in 2006. He always emphasized with musicality, which helped him to become a Tango DJ, forming a very personal style in his musical choices.
In each tanda, he seeks a balance between tonus and softness, between melody and rhythm. Passionate by tangos of the 40’s to the 50’s, and new orchestras of the last years, the creation of atmosphere and energy is his “must”.
He has played at local milongas in Thessaloniki and many other cities in Greece, international festivals in Greece and abroad.

(Argentina – Germany)

Milton was born in Argentina where he started his carreer as a tango teacher, dancer and DJ.
He composes the tandas with music from the Golden Age until today. Each milonga is unique. Each tanda tells a story.

He has DJed in milongas and festivals in Argentica, Spain, Germany.

He plays with his heart, and is well known and loved by dancers in Argentina and Europe.